Certification process

At the beginning and end of each Lecture, the moderator will provide you with a unique 4 digit passcode. Please note both passwords. Remember to timely dial in to receive your first password! The two passwords will enable you to receive your personal participation certificate afterwards. For physicians in Germany, the training points acquired are also transferred automatically to the German Medical Association (Bundesärztekammer). These will appear on your personal points account at the Medical Association after approximately 8 weeks.

For certification, please go to the heading “My ... TO GO -> Certify further education course” in your personal area.

Recommendation for departmental participation (Groups, same device)

For transmissions to a hospital, it is sufficient for only one colleague from the local team to book the event, even if several participants want to take part in the presentation concerned. Subsequently, each participant can log in with their personal data and receive their personal participation certificates using the training course password, regardless of whether they themselves booked the event concerned.
To allow as many participants as possible to follow the training course in the hospital, we would recommend linking to a computer that has a digital projector connection. This makes it possible to project the lectures onto a wall. Ideally, dialing in to the phone conference should be done via a conference phone so that as many participants as possible from the in-hospital training event can take part in the discussion after the presentation.
It is also of course sufficient to open the presentation on a normal computer and switch the normal phone on site to “speaker.” Another option is just to connect a loudspeaker to the computer.