General questions
Yes, MEDIZIN TO GO is a purely non-profit association that exists thanks to voluntary commitment on the part of the speakers. MEDIZIN TO GO has been a non-profit organization since the summer of 2014. To cover our running costs we are also able to accept donations and also issue receipts for donations.
To date, the events have only been held live. The speakers, all of whom take part only on a voluntary basis, in most cases understandably do not want their slides to be available on the Internet subsequently.
Questions about logging in
You will receive an e-mail after successful registration. The e-mail contains a link, which you need to click on to confirm. Your personal account is only activated after that. Please make sure that the e-mail has not been sent to your spam folder. Alternatively, you can enter your mobile phone number during registration. You will then receive an activation code by text message (SMS).
Questions about technical problems
There may be various reasons for this. Please refer to the section “PROCEDURE AND PRACTICAL TIPS -> Help“, where further information is available.
Yes, this is supported.
Yes, this is supported.
A tremendous amount of technology lies behind MEDIZIN TO GO. We do of course extensively test the transmission with all of the speakers in advance. However, sound problems sometimes can’t be completely avoided. Various factors beyond our control may be involved. We are of course physicians first and foremost, rather than streaming service operators or communications technicians, but we are continually trying to improve quality …
Questions about the live stream
No, this is not permitted. Anyone who violates this copyright (e.g., through recordings or publications) must expect that legal steps will be taken against them.
The speakers, all of whom take part on a voluntary basis, do not wish recordings to be made available on the Internet subsequently. For this reason, we are unfortunately unable to provide a media library.